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How to import bills
How to import bills

Import any bill and make it payable in crypto via Request.

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Why you should import bills Into Request

Some of your vendors might use a different tool than Request to send you bills. These bills don't automatically show up in Request. To get these bills into Request, you can import them, enabling you to:

  • View and manage all of your bills in a single place

  • Pay fiat bills, such as your utility bill, using your crypto - while your recipient gets paid in fiat

  • Save time; instead of managing bills on separate platforms, auto-forward any bill you receive via email to see it in Request

How to import a bill

There are two ways to import bills:

Import bills by forwarding an email

Import bills into Request by sending them as attachments to your forward email address.

Video tutorial

1. Get your forward email address

To find your forward email address, navigate to the Import tab in the Bills menu. If you haven't already, click on Activate Bill Forwarding to get a forward email address.

Once activated, the forward email address is shown in the dashboard.

You must be Admin or Finance Manager to get and view the forward email address.

Find your bill forwarding address in the Bills menu of Request.

2. Forward your bill

Next, open your email client and send the bill you want to import as an attachment to your forward email address.

Once forwarded, finalize your import by marking your bill as paid or paying.

Tip: If you have a designated email address where you receive emails, you can turn on auto-forwarding in your email client import bills to Request:

The attachment's file size may not exceed 5 MBs individually or 30 MBs for all attachments. You can forward up to 10 attachments in one email.

Import bills by uploading them

1. Open the upload wizard

Navigate to the Import tab in the Bills menu and click on Import Bills.

2. Select the bills to upload

You can upload up to 10 bills at once by dragging and dropping or selecting them.

Upload wizard to import bills into Request

Finalize your import

3. Review your bill

The bill will show up within moments of forwarding/uploading it in the Import tab:

Review the forwarded bill in Request

Click on the forwarded bill to review it. You can edit and fill in missing information as necessary to complete the bill.

Provide any missing information to the bill

4. Mark the bill as Paid or provide payment details

Additionally, you can mark the bill as either paid or unpaid. If it's unpaid, we ask you to provide the relevant payment details so that you can pay it via Request.

The payment details required depend on what your vendor wants to receive;

Vendor wants to be paid in fiat

In this case, select "Fiat" and provide the bank details as required. You can pay such a bill using your bank account or your crypto, using our crypto to fiat payment option.

Vendor wants to be paid in crypto

In this case, select "Crypto" and provide the crypto payment details as required.

Mark the bill as paid or provide the payment info required to pay it via Request

5. Create the bill

Once everything is in order, click Create Bill to import the bill into Request. If you think this bill should not have been forwarded, click Delete to delete it.

6. Optional: Pay the bill

If you did not mark the bill as already paid, you can pay it using Request. If your vendor wants to get paid in fiat, you can use our crypto to fiat payment option to use your crypto to settle fiat bills.

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