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How do I set up the Request Finance dApp in Ledger Enterprise?
How do I set up the Request Finance dApp in Ledger Enterprise?
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Before paying on Request with your Ledger Enterprise vault, you must enable smart contract interaction. This article explains how.

You need to be an Administrator on Ledger Enterprise to follow these steps.

Access to the Request dApp in Ledger is provided upon request. Contact the Ledger Enterprise team at [email protected] to get access.

1. Enable Web3

Open Ledger Enterprise and go to Accounts

Click on "Accounts" in Ledger Enterprise vault

To use the Request Finance dApp, you must have a main ETH account to which lower-layer accounts are linked. You will only be able to log in via this main ETH account to be then able to use the funds of the lower level accounts.

For all the ETH accounts you use to pay, click the Edit icon and go to the 4th section to enable "Smart contract interaction". You can customize the approbation workflow for such transactions.

Click on "Smart contract interaction" in Ledger Enterprise vault

2. Login into the Request Finance dApp

Now, an Operator should go into the dApps section of the Vault and open the Request Finance dApp (if you don’t see the dApp, please contact the Ledger Enterprise team at [email protected]).

You should see the login screen of Request Finance with, in the top right corner, a Vault ETH account selected as well.

You can click on this ETH account to change it if you have several ones. Again, note that only the main ETH accounts will be displayed here: be sure to select the one with sub-accounts attached to pay in USDT, for example.

Log into the Request Finance dApp with your credentials. Then, you can pay with your Vault accounts from inside the dApp. Make sure you have your PSD with you and that you go through both the Approval and Validation steps for a transaction.

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