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What are the fees for Crypto to Fiat transfers?
What are the fees for Crypto to Fiat transfers?
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It's important to us to offer the best rate in the market. We power SWIFT, SEPA, and ACH payments to 190+ countries. Those banking systems can be costly. Despite that, we offer fees as low as 1%, guaranteed, until the end of December 2024. They cover conversions to fiat (offramp), and payouts to the end recipients.

Transacting more than USD 100,000 per month? Get in touch to explore custom fees.

How are the fees applied?

The fees are paid on top of the total amount by the payer. Example: if you want to pay a USD 1,000.00 bill to a vendor in the U.S., you will pay in total USD 1,010.00 worth of cryptocurrency. Your vendor will receive exactly USD 1,000.00 in his bank account.

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