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How to invite your employees to submit and pay their expenses
How to invite your employees to submit and pay their expenses

Invite your employees to submit their business expenses, so you can review and pay them

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New to managing expenses with Request? See this article for an overview.

Invite your employee to Request Finance

1. Add an employee

Navigate to Payroll & Expenses > Employees menu and click Add an Employee

Next, choose whether you want to add your employee to pay salaries or expenses or both. Make sure "Pay Expenses" is ticked.

Paying salaries to employees

Our Payroll feature allows you to pay salaries to your employees in crypto and fiat. Learn more about it here.

Click Next and enter your employee's email address and full name.

2. Optional: Provide your employee's payment details

If you choose to pay salaries to your employee, you will be asked to provide a valid crypto wallet (for crypto salaries) or bank account (for fiat salaries).

This step is skipped if you only want to pay your employee's expenses. In that case, we will ask your employee directly to indicate how they'd like to get reimbursed.

3. Optional: Provide your employee's address details

Optionally, you can provide your employee's address details in this step. Note that if you want to pay fiat salaries to your employee, then this information is necessary due to regulatory and compliance requirements.

4. Choose how to invite your employee

Lastly, choose how you want to invite your employee.

  • Email invite: we'll send an email to your employee to invite them to download the Request Mobile App.

  • Link invite: share a link with your employee to download the Request Mobile App.

Next, your employee needs to download the Request Mobile App

Your employees sign up to the Request Mobile App

Once invited, your employees are asked to sign up for the Request Mobile App (β†’ how do I sign up as an employee?).

Your employees submit their expenses

After signing up to the Request Mobile App, your employees can use it to submit their expenses to you (β†’ how do I submit an expense?).

Once submitted, expenses show up in your Request Finance account (see below).

Review, approve (or reject), and reimburse expenses

1. Find your employees' expenses

Navigate to Payroll & Expenses > Expenses menu. There, you will see open expenses in different statuses.

  • Awaiting: the expense was submitted by your employee and is waiting for your review.

  • Approved: you approved the expense and it is ready to be moved into a report. However, you can still unapprove it.

  • Rejected: the expense was rejected.

2. Review expenses

You can review the expense directly in the table. To view the receipt associated with an expense, hover over it and click on View receipt.

3. Approve or reject expenses

To approve or reject expense(s), select them and click Approve/Reject in the top right.

You can also directly direct a report from an expense.

You can always undo a rejection or an approval.

4. Create a report from expenses

To create a report from expense(s), select them and click Create Report in the top right.

Your employee will receive a notification that the expense report was created by you.

5. Proceed to payment

To pay expenses, click the Reports tab and Batch Pay to pay multiple expenses at once. Alternatively, you can also click an individual report to pay it.

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