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How do I change my email?
How do I change my email?
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The process to change your email depends on whether you signed up with an email and password combination or via Google Single Sign-on (SSO).

I signed up To Request with an email and password

You can edit the email addresses you used to sign up to Request Finance via "Settings" > "Personal Settings". You may have to re-authenticate yourself before being able to change this.

I signed up to Request with Google Single Sign-in (SSO)

  1. Navigate to "Settings" > "Personal Settings"

  2. Next to "Email Address", click "Change"

  3. Request a password by clicking on "set a password"

  4. Follow the instructions to set a password

  5. Re-confirm your email address by clicking on the link sent to your email address

  6. Log in with your email and the password you created in step 4.

  7. Navigate to "Settings" > "Personal Settings".

  8. Next to "Email Address", click "Change"

  9. Update your email address and click "Update Email"

  10. Follow the instructions to update your email


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