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How to bulk upload & pay with Direct Payments
How to bulk upload & pay with Direct Payments

Upload 100s of payments and pay them at once

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What to use the Direct Payments Bulk Upload for

You can use Direct Payments for various use cases:

  • Pay out marketing rewards: if you run an affiliate or referral program that rewards people for referring your product in crypto, Direct Payments enable you to quickly and compliantly process these payments whenever needed.

  • Airdrops: if you want to reward users for participating in your project, then Direct Payments will come in handy; all you need to provide is the amount, network, currency, and wallet address.

  • Any other direct payout: whether you pay yourself, want to transfer funds between companies, or send reimbursements. Direct Payments are useful whenever you quickly want to pay someone.

In all the above cases, you get a downloadable PDF receipt with payment details for audit-ready records and reconciliation.

How to upload payments

Navigate to the Direct Payments menu and click Import CSV.

Import CSV on Direct Payments menu

1. Get the template

Next, get your template here to be able to start preparing the CSV file.

2. Fill in the CSV

You need to fill in the template. Refer to the table below to understand what you can add to each payment.

You can upload up to 200 payments per CSV, so do not fill in more than that. If you have to upload more than 200, split the CSV into multiple files.

Field Name


Required / Optional

Wallet Address

The wallet address of the recipient.



The amount in denomination currency.


Denomination Currency

The currency to label the payment in, e.g., USD.


Payment Chain

The network you want to pay on, e.g., Ethereum.


Payment Currency

The currency you want to pay in, e.g., DAI.



A free-text reference that you can use for your own accounting.


Email Address

The email address of the recipient.


Company Name

The company name of the recipient.


First Name

The first name of the recipient.


Last Name

The last name of the recipient.


Address Line 1, 2, City, Postal Code & Country

Separate fields. The address of the recipient.


Tax Number

The tax number of the recipient.


Networks need to be added so our system can read them. You can find the networks and how they have to be written in the template.

3. Upload the CSV

Finally, drag and drop the CSV into the dropzone to upload. Request will read the CSV and populate the form with your payments.

4. Review your payments

Once done, you can review your payments. To delete a payment, simply hover over it and click delete.

5. Proceed to paying

If everything is in order, click Pay Now to proceed to the payment. Need help? Refer to our articles on paying via Request here.

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